Thank you for choosing Radon Done for your radon testing needs! We truly look forward to meeting you!

What’s next?

You should have an email from us shortly to confirm your purchase.

Based on the information you provided, we will call you to set up a radon test date and time.

If this is a real estate transaction, we will contact your realtor for access to the property.

Additional Information

Radon test protocol requires 12 hours closed home condition prior to the test beginning. If you’ve got your windows open now, don’t fret, we can set a delayed start time on the testing device.

Once the test starts, it will take a full 48 hours to complete. Your exterior doors and windows will need to remain closed for the duration, with the exception of normal entry and exit needs.

Once the test is completed, we will return to pick up the testing device and provide the results to you by email the next day.

Contact us if you have any questions.